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What is Meta?

Meta is a collaborative music back-office for catalog management. A secure environment for your team to store, manage, and distribute your music.
A simple music catalog manager for teams with complex metadata
Store and access

Secured environment for storing your most valuable assets: tracks, versions, stems, shares, metadata, cue-sheets, contracts...


Enjoy on-the-go browsing, searching, and sharing experience.

Enrich and classify

Meta has a straightforward interface enabling users to recover and edit metadata on the fly.


Get as granular as you wish with your metadata by enriching splits, right-holder contacts, lyrics, CMO information...

Connect and distribute

Easy and granular sharing features: offer your partners and clients access to your repertoire on the track, album, or even catalog basis.


Sub-publishers, master licensees, synch brokers, administrators, broadcast monitors but also sync clients will acknowledge your content with no hassle

Collaborate with
your team

Meta is a collaborative platform. Invite your team to work with you.


Set permissions for each user depending on the type of actions they will need to perform on Meta.

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Music briefs

Share your sync needs with your Mewo partners in one click. The most efficient way of collaborating.


Create and send your music brief to all your selected Mewo partners.



Your partner's submissions are regrouped in one streamable playlist.

Music drops

Send any audio asset hosted on Meta through a private and traceable link. The most convenient way to make your music heard.


Your tracks are shared in a branded environement.



Get notified when your music drop is streamed or downloaded.

"Mewo became our main sync opportunity provider as well our catalog management platform, streamlining collaboration between A&R, promo, legal and sync department."


Baptiste Sallibartant
Label Manager

Get started with Mewo

Do you need to centralize all audio assets in one platform? Schedule some time with the Mewo team and learn why teams all around the world use Meta as their music back-office.

You might also want to take a peek at Maia, our metadata enrichment artificial intelligence. 
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