What is Maia ?

Maia is your embedded artificial intelligence transforming time-consuming processes into simple operations.

Spend time on what matters, leave the rest to Maia
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Sync grade recommendations

Maia will analyze any audio file and compare it to your entire catalog providing you with recommendations of similar tracks.

This feature is particularly useful when responding to sync briefs which often come with reference tracks.

Tagging your catalog

There is no way around it, tagging music is time-consuming. That’s why we think you should let Maia give you a hand.

Our AI, Maia, is capable of generating over 400 keywords ranging from genres, moods, styles, instruments, and usages to describe your music.

Spotting discrepancies in your tags

Metadata health checks are absolutely vital, controlling the quality and relevancy of your tagging is a mandatory operation for all publishers/labels.

Our AI, Maia, is capable of spotting tags that have been wrongly associated with a track while giving you recommendations on tags you could add to strengthen your tagging.

Maia's numbers

As of today, Maia has tagged over two million tracks and helped music catalogs be more visible to music supervisors.

Keywords +400d

Maia tags your music across 400+ keywords of moods, instruments, structures, styles, genres and usages.


Whether you want to tag one track or a million it takes one second.

”In a couple of seconds, Maia has solved one of our major pain points by accurately tagging our catalog and therefore enabling our team to easily navigate through it.”

Erick Viollet

Head of sync

Get started with Maia

Do you need to enrich the metadata of your catalog ? Schedule some time with the Mewo team and learn why music owners use Maia.

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