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Sync teams

Connect and Sync

Unleash the full potential of your back catalog and new releases by making them easily available to the people which need them the most: sync clients.
Learn how record labels, music publishers and production music libraries reinvent their workflow
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Auto-tag your tracks
Leverage A.I to enrich your metadata. 
Connect your catalog to your clients' workspace
Share all your music with supervisors, ad agencies, and production houses in one click.
Get new sync opportunities
Receive and answer briefs from the supervisors part of the Mewo ecosystem.
Showcase your music
Build and customize your own website to promote your catalog.
Who sends music briefs through Mewo ?
New ad agencies, music supervisors, and production houses join the Mewo ecosystem every day. Here is a snapshot of the companies you could receive music briefs from.

Never miss a sync opportunity

The Mewo network is growing with many supervisors joining the ship in order to send music briefs.

To receive a brief you simply need a Mewo account which is free.

 I receive a music brief on my Mewo account

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I use the advanced search features and AI-similarity search to to explore my catalog


I submit my best picks to my client's brief

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 !I keep my fingers crossed, les jeux sont faits

”Mewo has enabled us to deliver our catalog to our client's back-ends where their supervisors perform daily searches on our catalog. This new workflow has generated new sync opportunities for my team.”

Sébastien Vabre
Head of Sync - Believe

Get started with Mewo

Have a chat with one of our specialists? Learn why music companies around the world have chosen to use Mewo to streamline their daily operations.
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