What is Modo ?

Modo is your personal showcasing website. A state-of-the-art, fully customizable platform to promote your music.

Your catalog’s window to the world
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Instant & Branded

In just a few clicks you will be able to instantly deploy a fully branded showcasing platform to promote your music on your own URL.

Our design template is modern and offers you a wide selection of customization options.

Advanced search experience

Your Modo platform offers your customers multiple paths to explore and discover your catalog. Some might choose the search bar and filters path, while others decide to navigate through your labels, albums, playlists, and artist pages.

Whatever path your customers might choose, they are always a click away from the right track.

Music workspace

Modo platforms are interactive workspaces built for music discovery. Your users navigate autonomously through your catalog, adding tracks to their favorites and creating shareable playlists on the fly.

Through Modo, you offer your users a professional Spotify-like music browsing experience on your own terms.


Your platform comes with its proprietary analytics system.

Understand your customers' needs by analyzing their behavior on your platform.

User permissions

Your Modo platform offers you a granular approach to user permissions.

You can decide on a user-level who can browse your music and who can download it. All permissions can be revoked in one click at any time.

Music showcasing reinvented

Modo enables you to create and deploy professional music search platforms to showcase your catalog to potential clients and partners all around the globe.


Personalize your users' experience by leveraging over 30 customizable modules.


Modo websites are available cross-platform to guarantee a fluid search experience on all devices.

”Modo has enabled us to create and deploy a state-of-the-art sync platform that offers our clients a modern search experience. Thanks to Modo's DIY capacity we are able to administrate the website since it requires 0 lines of code”

Valérie Allon

Business Manager

Get started with Modo

Do you need to showcase your catalog in a branded environment? Schedule some time with the Mewo team and learn how music owners increase their catalogs' discoverability with Modo.

You might also want to take a peek at Meta, our AI-driven catalog management platform tailored to help manage large volumes of Metadata.